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As of May 29, 2017, we will be closing our business.

We have chosen to follow other opportunities but will remain strong activists for fair and equitable legislation in Canada. We have had a great 4 and a half years in this business and want to thank all of our customers. We have met so many great people, many of whom we will continue to remain in contact with in the future.

2012 - The Beginning

We started Vape250 in December of 2012 as a website doing deliveries throughout Nanaimo and mailing orders across Canada.

2013 - growing

IN 2013 Our business grew big enough for a storefront and we opened it downtown on Wallace Street.

2014 - New Beginnings

Blessing disguised as tragedy

The start of 2014 brought us 2 robberies one in February and one in May. 2014 then brought us our first trade show in Victoria hosted by CEV Store in Victoria. It was a success and brought quite a crowd. Shortly after we moved to a new location in July which increased our visibility and increased revenues 2-3 fold right out of the gate. While the robberies seemed like a tragedy, it benefitted us in the end by pushing us to move to a new location.

2015 - Activism begins

In 2015 we pulled a group together to put on Vape4Leukemia to raise money for a little girl in Victoria touched by cancer. It also brought the start of the regulations here in BC.

In February of 2015 we joined the CVA, which initially began as a group that was focused on Government Relations and PR regarding the federal regulations. In March of 2015 - Bill 14 started to move through the legislature. Only a handful of stores got together to form the BCVA, a provincial group in BC. The BCVA, recognizing we needed more help, banded together to hire a lobbyist to help us negotiate with the BC government. Bill-14 wouldn't implement until September of 2016, almost 2 years later, so as you can imagine it was a long expensive fight. We were very lucky to have had some very precise and detailed direction from our lobbyist, Michael Geoghegen, who aided us in flooding the BC legislation with letters from vapers all over BC. The government having to sift through these very letters, not only delayed the implementation of the Bill by 7 months, but brought about exemptions for testing juices, training new users and troubleshooting devices. Absolutely none of this could have been achieved without our fabulous customers. Without them we could never have provided our share of funding to this initiative!

2016 - BC Legislation Implements, Canadian Legislation begins

September of 2016 saw the implementation of Bill-14. It wasn't everything we wanted but it was better than expected! We met our Tobacco Control Officer, who would soon become a great resource, and passed our first assessment (and passed again with no findings at the tail end of April 2017).

2016 brought us the start of the Canadian Bill S-5 making it's way through the Senate

Bill S-5, as of this writing on May 28, 2017, is making it's way through the Senate. It has passed first and second reading, entered and exited the SOCI committee and is currently back in the Senate. If you want to continue pushing for fair and equitable regulations you NEED to ask anyone that provides you vaping products, what they are doing to help fight this bill. If they are not putting funds and legwork in to ensuring Bill S-5 implements fairly, why are you giving them your money?

2017 - We say goodbye

It has been a FABULOUS 4 and a half years since the birth of Vape250 on December 5, 2012. We have seen 100s of people (actually well over 1000 - we just checked) transition to e-cigarettes, many of whom dropped gradually down to 0 and quit vaping all together. We have made many good friends with customers, competitors and people who just happened to wander in for general information.

It is with these things in mind that make us sad to announce we will be closing Vape250 at the end of May. Before the rumours start circulating, we are not going under nor are we in any financial trouble, we haven’t received any notices and are not being pushed out by any of our competitors. We HAVE been offered a great opportunity off of Vancouver Island and will be moving sometime within the next 4-6 months. The end of May represents the end of our lease period and we are not renewing it for the next term.

We have made accommodations for our customers.

VIP and Flavour Crafters.
John, over at the SmokeZone will be taking VIP. As most of you know we have always had a great relationship with the SmokeZone and he looks forward to serving the VIP crew. John also already carries Flavour Crafters and plans to continue carrying it.

Pacific Vapour and Flavour Crafters
Gino over at Simatech (E-cigarette Canada), already carries Pacific Vapour and will be stocking up on our popular ones


Vape250 Vaporizers and Gifts

We are a bricks and mortar e-cigarette store / vapour shop located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Established in 2012 we strive to stock a solid range of juice and hardware for beginner and advanced vapers alike!




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